Getting back what is rightfully yours! Claims made easy



Do you have a floor clause in your mortgage? This has been deemed illegal and we will get you back the interest you have over paid.



Did you invest in property in Spain and it is still a construction site? We will get you your money back plus interest.



IRPH Mortgages

Is your Spanish mortgage affected by IRPH? You have being over paying for years and we can get your money back.




You know your family had a property and investments in Spain, but you can’t find them or sell them?


Are you affected by any of the above? Send us your contact details and one of our experts will get in touch!

You can also email us directly at info@nowinnofeespain.com or
contact us via WhatsApp on +34 679 944 021

How it works

Get in Touch

Phone us or email us

To start processing your claim, it is as easy as phoning one of our consultants.

Send Documentation

It's all in the small hidden text

Provide us with any documentation you have to show the investment or amounts paid in mortgages.

Consultant Verification

Experts will look at your case

Our team of trained consultants together with our lawyers, will analyse your case, letting you know immediately if you are due back money.

Lawyer Assignment

One of our lawyers will submit your case

Once we know you are owed money, we will submit the paper work for you. You need to give us power of attorney and where you want the money sent!

Sit & Wait

The court process

Depending on your case, claims can take up to 12 months to come through. We will be in constant contact and once settled the money will be deposited by the bank at fault in your account. We have a 97% success rate.


No Win No Fee

We will only charge you once the payment is on its way to your account. All payments are managed by a procurement officer of the courts so your lost money is safer than ever.

Our background

We are a group of professionals that have come together to help English speaking residents and non-residents of Spain who have been mis-sold mortgages, or have claims against construction companies or other legal entities.


Our team of specialists all come from a financial background, some passing through companies such as Deloitte, others pioneering investments through hedge funds and leading mortgage brokering.


We have a track record in what we do and our legal council are all specialised in financial law. While No Win No Fee Spain is not a legal firm, we work with two partner firms- Ithaca and Forum who are both registered companies of law in Spain.

Meet our Team of Experts

Patrick Deane

Patrick Deane

CEO – No Win No Fee Spain
David Daly

David Daly

Financial Advisor – No Win No Fee Spain
Simon Craig

Simon Craig

CCO – No Win No Fee Spain
Hazel Gormley Leahy

Hazel Gormley Leahy

CMO – No Win No Fee Spain
Antonio Aguilera

Antonio Aguilera

Lawyer – Ithaca Spain
Francisco Jimenez

Francisco Jimenez

Lawyer – Forum Spain

Our legal partners

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